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Wi-Fi has become such a deeply entrenched part of our daily lives. From desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to our thermostats, lights, entertainment, signage and even automation. Wi-Fi can be as easy as unpacking a device from a box and plugging it in to your network and *poof* the magic begins. But as your network grows, you start to wonder "hey what happened to the magic?" This is when you've outgrown the novelty of simplicity and realize you need a more mature solution.

Wi-Fi is like a walkie-talkie for computing devices. Instead of having to press a button to talk, it always has the ability to talk. The data is transmitted on specific radio frequencies known as channels. Depending on the type of Wi-Fi (oh yes there are many types), different channels can be different sizes. A smaller channel is for slower data and a bigger channel is for faster data. This is true for any type of digital data transfer system. While Wi-Fi is not a replacement for traditional hard-wired networks, they are certainly making an impact by adding to the versatility of our networking needs everyday. Wi-Fi is also known as Wireless LAN (Local Area Networking). It can be an extension of your existing network or entirely separate from your wired network. There can be various ways to plan and deploy your WLAN. Here we will explore various uses of Wi-Fi and WLAN.

IoT devices are Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Philips Hue, Ecobee and Sonos are changing our lives. Ensuring constant connectivity is critical for these applications to properly operate. While any Wi-Fi network can empower these devices, providing them a stable and optimized wireless environment allows these devices to perform at their best.

Megaphat Networks has dedicated a significant amount of resources studying IoT devices and their specific network requirements. Our expertise can help you create a more seemless environment for your IoT devices.

Public Internet access is everywhere. Cafes, restaurants, schools, supermarkets, public parks, hospitals, libraries, movie theaters and even beaches have Wi-Fi. Planning these open spaces for providing public Wi-Fi is a task that require s understanding the environment and accessibility of the wireless network.

Providing public-access Wi-Fi takes planning and knowledge. While smaller spaces are certainly less challenging than larger spaces, one must also consider the safety of the users. Our team can help guide you through the process of planning and deployment with the greatest of ease.

Country Clubs
On the green, on the dock or just in the sun, wireless is everywhere and the demand is growing even more every day. From Club Operations to Member and Guest services, our knowledge and experience with Country Clubs are an asset to your organization.
One of the most special times in the lives of our children is summer time. Part of their learning experience in life is when they interact with theeir friends during camp. With the growing demand for technology everywhere, even out in the wilderness we find the need for technology.

Summer camps are becoming more dependent on technology than ever before. With cabin, group and bunk management, transportation and attendance, health and wellness all critical factors for creating a healthy and safe environment for campers and staff alike, Wi-Fi has become essential for portable devices across all of the camp.

Large open spaces can be a challenging environment to get the desired 5-bar results. The right gear, the correct placement, channel allocation, it can quickly become overwhelming. The goal is to create a uniform blanket of coverage in all areas of your venue which you can seemlessly transition from one area to another while maintaining continuous connectivity..

The end results are amazing. Event attendees experience a smooth, transitionless wireless experience with a fully-managed wireless network. This is a perfectly executed concerted effort, no pun intended..

Being in the great outdoors is a part of our nature. Everything about the experience helps revitalize our natural abilities, our senses, energy and not to mention it's really a lot of fun too! But while exploring the wilderness we always need to catch up with the rest of the world. Believe it or not going to campgrounds does not mean you are sacrificing accessibility to the world. Wi-Fi can be found here too!.

We've taken special care in our infrastructure designs for camp sites to ensure that not only are campers getting solid connectivity but that they can get connected anywhere on the site. It's not going to feellike tethering from your phone, it's really going to feel like you're directly connected!

Pencils, eraser, sharpener, ruler, paper, binders, folders, iPad, Chromebook, Wi-Fi. The list of essentials in schools are changing rapidly. Our schools deserve the best and so do those who attend them. Let's be sure they get the best.
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