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Sometimes it makes sense, why have an IT department on the payroll when you don't think you need one. But then comes those times that you wished otherwise. Why can't you have your cake and eat it too? Who says you can't? Megaphat Networks *IS* your IT department. From new projects, infrastructure support and even network security.

Our experts are in the field of construction, electrical, network design, wireless, voice, servers, desktops, virtualization, security (including penetration testing and social engineering). So while we concern ourselves with your needs support , you don't need to be concerned at all.

Our support services include Cloud Services, Infrastructure Services, Riser Build & Management, Local Area Networking (LAN), CyberSecurity, Wi-Fi deployment & management, Building 2 Building, Virtualization, Backups and Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Remote Office, Voice Over IP, Surveillance, Site to Site and Site to Multi-Site Wireless (Wireless Wide Area Network - WWAN).

Managed support is simply outsourced IT. We are based in the U.S. and provide both on-site (depending on location) and remote (worldwide) managed support.

Megaphat Networks Managed Support Services (MSS) provides you regular updates to your desktops, servers, network equipment and devices, communications, backups, pretty much anything you would have an in-house IT department perform as part of their regular functions but for a fraction of the cost.

If you don't think you need managed support but you have one or two issues that require attention? Not a problem. We offer support whether managed or unmanaged. Our only goal is to ensure that your infrastructure and the devices they support are operating at their best in the most secure and efficient way possible.

We can create a per-incident ticket to help resolve your support needs. Creating a ticket is as easy as reaching out and submitting a support ticket.
Desktops can be tricky. Single monitor, dual monitor, quad-monitor, SSD, NVME, RAM, Wi-Fi vs hard-wired, business OS vs enterprise OS, productivity software and even software licensing.

Megaphat Networks can help you understand your options. We also train along side your staff so that we can provide application-specific support. We interact with your vendors support team so you don't have to.

From planning and purchase, deployment and installation, training and support, we're ready to assist with your desktop needs.

Your network infrastructure is much more than a desktop or a laptop connecting to the Internet. Cyber Security, Remote Access, Cloud Storage and Cloud-based Applications, Printing and Scanning, Backups and Recovery, Wi-Fi and Remote Networks are all part of your infrastructure. Whether Managed or Un-Managed, they are all an important part of your business.

Your servers are the backbone of your data. While in most cases your only interaction with them is storing or retrieving data from them. While it may seem like a "set it and forget it" deal, it is anything but that. Servers are computers with Operating Systems which require constant updates in order to eliminate developmental errors (bugs) and enhance security.

Your company may have more than one server, or even virtualized servers. The physical servers will always need to be given attenion (monitoring and maintenance) as well as the virtual servers. Our active maintenance and monitoring programs help ensure your servers are performing at their best.
Whether Managed or per-incident, getting support is as simple as submitting a ticket. Once received it will be dispatched to the right team in order to provide you the help you need.

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