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you canot walk across the street without coming across a network. Traffic lights operate on networks. Street lights operate on networks. Our mobile phones, satellites, weather notifications, alarm systems, television service, radio stations, the Internet, business systems, everything. It's more than just a router, some Wi-Fi and a cable modem. Networks are as intricate as they are vital. Each component in a network plays a role as important as the next. We understand the importance of your needs and instead of you worrying about how to build your network, that's our job. Just like telling your architect what features you want in your dream, you tell us everything you can envision and we help you realize it.

Virtual LAN's or VLAN's are virtual networks that share the same physical medium. This allows for greater network flexibility with fewer overhead resources and financial requirements. Instead of building out a new cabling infrastructure to create a new network, the existing cabling can be used with qualifying equipment to expand your network in ways unrealized.

VLAN's can be used to separate a Point of Sale network, a Guest network, Access Control network, IoT network, pretty much any type of network you want without the need for additional cabling for traffic segregation.

So you have a brand new Wide Area Network. Now you are ready to deploy services for your customers. A customer needs a private route from one of their offices to another. So now you need to deploy MPLS. Another customer wants to extend their VLAN from one office to 3 offices over your WAN. Now you need QinQ. There are so many reasons to use different routing and tunneling protocols, even GRE and IPSEC.

Regardless of your WAN requirement, you may have more choices than you realize. Megaphat Networks will help you figure out your choices, plan your deployment and back you up all the way after it's all said and done.

We love network firewalls.They are the Spartans of the networking world and just like the mighty Spartans, one good firewall is able to hold off a swarth of attacks. Additionally a well-implemented firewall can also help manage all of your network traffic.
There is nothing more important than safety. Protecting the safety of the public and your employees takes a lot of work. By implementing a well planned video surveillance system, you can substantially reduce the amount of work needed. Your company is an investment and protecting your investment should be paramount to your business operations.

Whether on premise, off premise, remote, off-site or even in another country, we can show you how to design, deploy and manage a fully-accessible video surveillance system.

Providing sufficient power for your information infrastructure is critical and ensuring that your infrastructure does not fail because of power loss should be a priority. In any environment power could fail and you need to make sure that you have redundant power. In smaller environments, store-bought battery backups may help but when it comes to the core infrastructure, that would be completely different. We have the training and experience with redundant power to help you build a stable power supply for your infrastructure.

When your project is not grid-tied, you need a remote power solution. These are the jobs we love! Whether solar or wind, it's not only fun to think about these projects, it's fun deploying them too!

The cloud means that the core of your information infrastructure is hosted in a secured facility specially designed for power and data redundancy. You can chose to build your own cloud infrastructure or lease a pre-built solution. Such cloud services work best for multi-office support, remote user access and large organizations. We have also found that customers who have multiple remote stations such as property management video surveillance greatly benefit from cloud services.

Cloud services have been around for years and their use has been growing exponentially. Whether for email, web hosting, surveillance, document and image storage, or even your corporate infrastructure, cloud solutions offer great options.
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