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CASE STUDY: Complete Network, Private Harbor-Side Club

SUMMARY: A historic site with over 100 years of rich history, this location has been around since the late 1800's. Situated in New Yorks' beautiful Long Island Sound, this members-only club has over 17 acres, Tennis courts, Sailboats, elegant dining and an aging network that is over 2 decades old. During their prime season, this prestigious club may receive a few thousand visitors per day by land and possibly a few hundred more by sea.

CHALLENGE: Rebuild the clubs' dying infrastructure without affecting their corporate operations. This will require that all network services must be up and running while all work is performed. As this club's prime season is from Spring to Fall, the best time to deploy will be in the winter. Cold seasons on the Long Island Sound are harsh, so extra care must be taken when working on ladders and rooftops outdoors. The clubs' current Wi-Fi system is a mix of consumer-grade technology from big box stores, where most club members and guests have access to the priviledged corporate network. The members/guest network does exist however is poorly managed and provides little coverage. Wi-Fi in general suffers in most locations of the club. Marine services are not capable of accessing critical data services while on the docks due to lack of wireless network services, which decreases overall productivity. Additionally, the location suffers occassional loss of Internet access causing any and all cloud-based services to be lost. Creating a robust, secure, redundant network which reaches all areas of this property is critical.

SOLUTION: Megaphat Networks designed a multi-tiered plan in order to work with the available scheduling of the facility. This allowed Megaphat to perform various tasks simultaneously and transparently while the core network remained intact until the final switch over. The goal was to build a new network under the existing network to support any current infrastructure. All Wi-Fi was installed, extended network locations and additional buildings, Wi-Fi for harbor coverage and all areas where staff may require connectivity. All core switching fabrics were configured with mutiple VLANs, a new firewall was deployed and configured with VLAN support. QoS was depoyed on the entire switching fabric. VLAN segregation between corporate network operations and members/guest Wi-Fi ensures the safety of all sensitive data. Multiple redundant WAN links ensure that there will always be connectivity.



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