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Before Megaphat, our engineers have specialized in technology development in the fields of RF (Radio Frequency) communications, network security, telecommunications and surveillance technologies. In 1998 Megaphat began with one vision, design better systems. From software to technology, it has always been about cutting the edge of technology. Since then, Megaphat has sought out and employed talent from across the globe from New York, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy and the Netherlands. It has been a non-stop endeavor to bring the best technologies to customers.

For over 20 years, Megaphat has provided the best solutions possible for our customers of all sizes. Each systems specialists have at least 20 years experience each and every one of our technicians are personally trained by our senior engineers. Each and every one of our experts all have different area of expertise which brings more options to our customers. Our creative ideas combined with a pragmatic approach towards technology always proves to be efficient and effective for our customers needs.

As seasoned consultants, Megaphat has worked with enterprise-level corporations, SMB's and large corporations to build diverse, scalable networks, design software solutions and explore beyond the confines of their wired networks. Megaphat incorporated a variety of out-of-the-box strategies in order to design custom services to suit their customer needs. Rather than pushing a standard solution to the customer convincing them that a cookie-cut solution was right for them, Megaphat explores all possibilities and truly creates a custom experience for our customers.

We incorporate specialists with the right training, certification, experience and expertise. We use our strategic partners to bring the cutting edge of networking and solutions right to you. Questions are always welcome and answers are always provided. We do this because we have the knowledge and always provide our customers with the best care possible.

Along with our unique blend of technologies, strategies and offerings, we can bring our customers many more services to help complete any requirement. Whether design, planning, surveillance, wireless, infrastructure design, security, automation and education, we truly have covered every aspect of all of your needs.

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